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Photographic Heritage Projects

by Miro Ito (Media Art League)

Since the beginning of 2000, Media Art League has been working on sharing the legacy of photographic heritage of tangible and intangible cultural properties of Japan including designated national treasures, important cultural properties as well as world heritage sites.
The outcome became the basis for the exhibition series in 12 cities in 11 countries, two world tour exhibitions co-sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ overseas diplomatic missions and the Japan Foundation with the cooperation of the Japan Camera Industry Institute. Furthermore, in recent years, it has been presented as film projects and lecture programmes for the Agency for Cultural Affairs and Nara Prefecture.
Media Art League, celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2021, while promoting collaborations with renowned cultural foundations, museums, academic institutions and government agencies, would like to invite you to our four categories of quality photographic heritage projects.
Based on these five projects, we aim to develop into foundation activities in the medium term as an “International Media & Art League” with the purpose of inheriting and sharing cultural heritages to the future.

Intangible Heritage Projects

Men at Dance: Body-Mind-Scapes

Cross media art project: Signs of the Intangible

Cultural Heritage Projects

The Eurasian Trail of Wisdom (Σοφια)

The globally touring exhibition series Road of Light and Hope presenting testimony of East-West exchanges

Architectural Heritage Projects

Evidence of our time and human habitat

Commitment for a sustainable world

Individual Legacy Projects

Eternal Monument of Light

Portraits with large format film camera 8×10 on platinum (palladium) print


Japan Authentic Heritage Initiative

Weaving Japan’s 1400-years of cultural legacy into a tapestry for the future


Digital Silk Road Museum

—honouring a road of wisdom to tolerance and solidarity—